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Geena Martin


Idea girl, day dreamer, night thinker and Account Manager at iHeartMedia; Geena Martin brings over 11 years marketing and community outreach experience to the Encompass Life Foundation team. Geena’s business talents started at a young age in Klamath Falls, OR where she was raised until she moved to Portland to pursue college.

Outside of corporate America, Geena is mom to four so-cute-they-could-be-in-a-boy-band, full-of-energy, gonna-take-over-the-world-one-day boys.  She loves humans, being a high school football mom, wine and making people laugh.

Geena’s philosophy? The only time you have to blend in is when you’re playing Hide-n-Seek. (Or when you’re trying to hide that dent you made in the frosting…shhhhhh.) Life is short…so be your brilliant, ballsy, original, unconventional-thinking, 100% self. Always.