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Elisha Alcantara

Founder & President

Elisha knows that her ideas, philosophies, and ways of doing business don’t fit into a traditional corporate structure. In the traditional model, people go to work for a company — in her model, the company goes to work for people.

Combining the high-level negotiations of her legal background with the high-level people skills of her HR background, Elisha has a knack for motivating and creating collaborative structures to mobilize staff and projects.

By focusing on people, from matching employees with their perfect task to matching investors with their perfect deal, successful results are an everyday occurrence.

Encompass arrived on the Portland scene as Elisha saw a need in the real estate market for a more cohesive and authentic experience. She offers the unique perspective of an investor, broker, contractor, designer, and property manager. This multi-faceted approach to real estate and investments allows clients to have a streamlined experience.

And every experience begins with a round of conversation; Elisha takes the time to get to know everyone she meets, and makes it a point to stay involved with all aspects of their dealings. Through this constant stream of diligence, her fundamental work ethic centers around honesty, transparency, and accessibility.